Amateur Radio Licenses and Call Signs

1957 - 1958 SWL
DARC internal examination as SWL, theory and CW code test 8 wpm
(40 BpM) SWL call sign DE12984

1958 - today German license
CW code test 12 wpm (60 BpM).  Call sign DJ4KW

1975 - 1977 Israel RTTY operation
Operating mobile station and from station of 4X4NJ with visitor license DJ4KW/4X

1992 - 1996 US Novice class license
CW code test 5 wpm (25 BpM). Call sign KD6PWS

1996 - today US Extra class license
CW code test 20 wpm (100 BpM). Call sign AC6YM

1999  Maldives DXpedition
Temporary call sign 8Q7AC

2000 -  today Belize (Central America) DXpeditions
Permanent call sign V31YN

2002  Gozo Malta DXpedition
Temporary call sign 9H3SG

2011  Ascension South Atlantic 
One of two CW operators.  Call sign ZD8D