Allgemein / General Information

Rufzeichen / Call sign




Location: Consejo Shores
near Corozal Town in the
Corozal District
Northern Belize, near Mexican border

QTH Information
18 28' 00" N
88 19' 30" W
North America
Maidenhead Locator: EK58UL
CQ Zone: 7
ITU Zone: 11
IARU Area: 2
Time Zone: CST Central Standard Time (UTC -6, no Daylight Saving Time)

Belize cell phone +501-621 1200 
(+501 is the Country Code, not an Area Code of the U.S.)


Station Information
(1) Station ICOM 7600 output 100 W
(2) Remote controlled FLEXRADIO 6400 output max. 100 W
(3) Linear amplifier ICOM PW-1

160 m: 36 m vertical with 3 elevated radials 50 m each in 3 m height, preset antenna tuner;  Link to design of 160 m antenna (Entwurf der 160 m Antenne). 
80 m: half wavelength sloped vertical dipole to mast top, end-fed from ground by a preset antenna tuner, low pass style. 

40 m:  three quarter wavelength wire to 27 m height at mast, end-fed from ground as above, 7 MHz serial resonance circuit.

30 m: three quarter wavelength to 18 m height at mast, end-fed with other two above by a common antenna tuner and antenna separator, 30 m and above high pass style.

20 / 15 / 10 m: triband trap dipole

18 / 12 m: triband trap dipole (30 m not used)

Receive Antenna 

300 m (1000 ft) two wire Beverage for low bands directed 040 degrees to Europe (switchable to 220 degrees for New Zealand, Australia)

Bestätigung von Funkverbindungen

The preferred method of QSL is by Logbook of the World LotW of ARRL.  All QSO's are entered into the Logbook of the World (LotW) of ARRL.  But your card is welcome too.  Please send your request for QSL to DJ4KW. QSL-cards sent via the bureau must be markedvia DJ4KW.  QSO's will be checked using the computer log and QSL-labels will be printed automatically.  Please no e-QSL.

All incoming QSL's will be answered.  QSL's received from the bureau will be answered using the QSL-service of the DARC (German Amateur Radio Club).  QSL's received by mail will be answered direct, if self-addressed envelope and sufficient return postage are supplied; German stamps or 2 US$.  If insufficient postage or no self-addressed envelope is supplied, your QSL will be answered via the bureau.  

If you want to receive a QSL-card via the bureau, it is not necessary to send your QSL-card.  You can send a QSL-request with your QSO-details by E-mail to: v31yn (ät)   



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